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Phenomenal! I had a severe case of folliculitis causing painful cysts and ingrown hairs. The other electrologists that I went to before Dawn all told me that I was not a candidate for electrolysis. Dawn gladly accepted the challenge and cleared it up after several months of treatment. I haven’t had hair in that area for 12 years now. I am so grateful to Dawn, she is so warm and caring and made me feel comfortable with the whole experience.
— S. Zuck NYC

Dawn is FABULOUS!! I have used her over the years to treat different areas and am always so happy with the results. She has a light, gentle touch and is very neat and clean. I have recommended many family members and friends to her and they are all delighted with the results.
— Carol NYC

As an African American woman that has suffered from acne as well as excessive facial and body hair, the services that I have received at Dawn Electrolysis continue to exceed my expectations. After wasting money on several ineffective hair removal processes, including laser hair removal, Dawn's expertise in electrology and her compassionate demeanor has truly improved my quality of life.
— M. Thompson, RN

As someone who had dealt with the frustration and embarrassment of excess body hair from the age of 11 and had been waxing for 10+ years, finding Dawn was a Godsend! She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet warm and gracious, and always punctual. Her office is clean and tranquil (and amply supplied with great magazines and yummy chocolates!). Most importantly, I am thrilled with my results (still hair-free years later!) and highly recommend her.
— Carolyn, New Jersey

Electrolysis is an art and Dawn is especially skilled in her craft. My legs are blissfully and permanently hair-free and I can finally wear skirts and shorts without having to shave ever! Dawn's very kind personality and immaculate office make the experience top-notch.

Dawn Electrolysis was highly recommended to me by my dermatologist, one of the best in New York City. I had waited too long to address my problem. The challenge was real and I was skeptical that electrolysis would work. But Dawn Edison is a consummate and experienced professional and she reassured me. I told her I'd believe it when I'd see it. Sure enough: that's what happened. Gradually, I started to see permanent results. Amazing but TRUE. I am regaining my self-confidence and I feel liberated. Dawn is a pure blessing!
— N.H., NYC

I was lucky enough to have been referred to Dawn by a friend. When I first started going to her, I had been to one other place that was charging a fortune and I was always waiting for my appointment to begin. They were foreign, didn't speak English well and I had nothing in common with them. If you are going to be doing electrolysis for a half an hour or an hour, you want someone you can relate to. Not only does Dawn provide effective treatments, but every appointment begins on time, rates are competitive, and the office is very clean and welcoming. Dawn's estimates about how long it would take to clear the area of hair was very accurate and realistic. My expectations become realistic as a result of that. This is very important, especially if you have large areas that need to be treated. I am now hair free in my bikini line and under arm areas! Dawn is a knowledgeable and courteous professional who is 100% dedicated to her clients. If you are considering electrolysis and are looking for an honest consultation and real results, I’d highly recommend setting up an appointment with Dawn.
— AP, Port Washington, NY

The electrologist’s electrologist-. When I retired from my electrolysis practice I felt confident referring my clients to Dawn. She is the best electrologist in Manhattan and the only one that I go to when I need electrolysis.
— Philomena Mahon, RN NYC

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