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About Dawn Edison

Dawn Edison has over 35 years of experience providing professional, extremely effective, and gentle hair removal services for clients with every type of permanent hair removal need.

While pursuing a career in nursing, Dawn realized that the aspect of the profession that was most exciting and satisfying for her was being able to give her time to each patient, to learn her patients’ needs and goals, and to provide truly personalized and gentle care. However, many nursing settings did not have the staffing that permitted the high-quality and truly personalized care Dawn excelled at and wished to provide.

While undergoing treatments as an electrolysis patient herself, Dawn realized that the electrolysis profession would permit her to share her gentleness, caring, and her attention to detail, as well as the excellent sanitary/sterility techniques that she learned during her time in hospital-like environments. Dawn is fortunate to have been personally trained by the founder and owner of the New York Electrolysis Institute. After working in their offices for several years she had acquired the skills that permitted her to launch her own practice. Since establishing herself in the City, Dawn has never looked back and as her reputation has grown, she has been fortunate that many of the City’s most well-regarded dermatologists have considered her services to be of the caliber that they refer their patients to Dawn Edison Electrolysis.

With the onset of the Corona Pandemic Dawn re-evaluated her practice and decided to work from home on Long Island where she could safely see fewer clients per day in a more controlled sanitary environment.

Dawn is a member of the American Electrology Association and provides services in keeping with the latest innovations in the field.

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